has launched!!! The former will now redirect to my shiny new website—a louder and healthier presentation of my work.

Late in 2010, there was a big host server crash and was vaporized. I lost the whole thing. It coincidentally came at a good time, since it lit a fire under me to get cracking on what was already something I was itching to improve.

If you are a nerd, continue reading… My previous site (inktour) was foolishly built with Flash. That was back when I had aspirations of phasing my graphic interests towards animation. Needless to say, updating it was a huge pain, and with the boom of smart phones, well, we know the story about Apple and Flash. This new site has a very basic html skin, and is managed by WordPress. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The level, and EASE, with which I can upload new content has metamorphosed the way I approach documenting my new work.

The features that I’m most excited about include: 1.) “Latest Work”—on inktour, I’d post new work and then it’d be buried amidst all the other work and users weren’t able to see the most recent items; 2.) Very large background images—2,500+ pixels wide, so even on a 27″ monitor the images are full-screen; 3.) The aforementioned WordPress CMS—this site is definitely going to be fresher.

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone that helped with this site—you know who you are.


Nicholas Elson Hartman
Nicholas Elson Hartman