May, 2012

In the urban hustle, we travel by foot. Worn for utilitarian purposes or fashion, the shoes we wear express who we are. Through this project, I want to catch a glimpse of life at the sidewalk level. What can we discern about someone from only the knees down?

REPRESENT came from my filming around Manhattan for a week – feet instead of faces. This series of drawings was inspired by the footage. In addition to the wide selection of shoes, I decided to showcase a variety of drawing styles and techniques that I’ve experimented with throughout my career. The 40+ hours of video was edited to a 1 hour 20 minute piece that looped during the show’s opening.

The drawings are charcoal, pencil, and pen. All of the frames were second-hand finds that were painted with high-gloss white enamel.

Titles (top to bottom)
Midtown LunchTotally LostRobbie G’s All StarsMissing FrameShoe FetishFour Count BeatThe Seventh PairThe CritReadymadeSpace ShoeWhite LaceHandballInvinciblePauseTwo BootsShoe ShineWalking In The Wrong DirectionBe Like Mike


Nicholas Elson Hartman
Nicholas Elson Hartman